New tutor…new challenges

Last week, rather unexpectedly, my swim tutor left and moved to a post closer to home. N was a good teacher and I really enjoyed working with her, consequently I made great progress, thanks to her teaching and support

This left me with the dilemma, who was going to be my new tutor? Fortunately, I had attended an “adult swim clinic” the previous week had been able to discuss this subject over with, E, the swimming co-ordinator, after which, we agreed to move my lesson to a Monday with K.

Unfortunately, today, I received an e mail informing that K did not have the capacity, in her schedule, to take me on as her pupil. So I arrived tonight, still uncertain as to who was going to be my tutor.

E took the first part of the lesson, followed by J, whom I assumed was simply assisting and supporting M.

I was quickly, able to identify that I could work with J, that he would be able to help me develop my swimming skills further still. In the twenty minutes, he taught me, even in this short length of time, I could tell that there was an improvement in my stroke.

At the end of the session, I clambered out the pool and E clarified, that my new lesson time would be on a Monday at 6.30pm. I then asked who my tutor was to be, E confirmed it would J, if I was comfortable with this arrangement, which I am

I was able to have a good chat with J, he explained that the next few weeks, we will concentrating on drills, that is, ways of improving my technique, before putting it all back together again to improve my distance.

M then informed J, I’m working towards my ASA level 8.  I explained to her, that I had stepped off the ASA pathway as T was unable to assess these levels.  M has now put me back on the pathway and working towards my level 8.

I’m really looking forward to next week’s lesson and the new challenges it will bring.

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