Training and drills

Yesterday, I headed to the pool, to carry out the drills as setting out for me to carry out by J.

It went reasonably well, though my lungs were a tad grumpy for some, unknown reason. Stupidly, I also failed to wear my swim watch so I have no idea as to my total distance or efficiency of my stroke.

I am starting to get a little panicked, now, as well. It’s only three weeks to the Sport relief swimathon, I’m in the grey area now. If I get a cold or chest infection, there’s a very real chance I may not be able to complete or even partake in this event.

I know I can do 1.5km-I have the badges to “prove it”, but partaking in such a huge event, with others watching, will be very different to pootling up and the pool, on my own. My biggest concern, is that, buoyed up by the event and atmosphere-I go out to fast, and tire by 400m. The first 400m needs to carried out at a leisurely pace, to allow me to warm up, and not be spent, belting up and down the pool trying to emanate Becky Adlington!

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