Productive lesson

Its 10 days since Ilast posted and I’ve swam three times, two lessons qnd a practice session.

I really want to write about my lesson, a week past last Monday, it was brilliant. I came away with a real sense of achievement, but unfortunately I dropped my phone in a flower bed and smashed the screen. My phone, is usually what I use to write my posts on, as it’s always available and unlike, my Windows 10 laptop, doesn’t take an hour to boot up!

I have been supplied, by the phone company, with a loan phone. It’s fine, it works, it serves its purpose, but the screen is absolutely terrible and is a pretty unpleasant to look at and use, consequently it’s impossible to write posts on. Thankfully I have a tablet computer and I’m able to post on this, though it offers far less portability and it doesn’t offer an always available Internet connection.

Anyway, my phone should be back in my hands soon, repaired and I will update ky blog, with the outcome from my swimming lesson.

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