New swimming goodies…

After that, rather despondent, previous post, I thought I’d post something a little more positive.

I initially bought my swim wear from a large, generic, sports shop. A sport shop, where I embarrassed myself, by dropping Starbucks Mango Smoothie on the floor, leaving a rapidly spreading,  yellow, sticky puddle.

On the day of my first, swimming lesson, I was grateful for the existence of this shop, as I’d left my swimming gear, ten miles away, at home. Deciding, that the local leisure centre wouldn’t appreciate seeing me, “in the buff” I made a mad dash round there and then on to Tesco for a towel.

Today,  a package arrived from “proswimwear” excitedly I tore it open, to reveal two new swimming costumes, a bargain reduced from £40 to £9, each. It, was however, when I tried one I realised I had a problem.  I rechecked to size conversion chart, to discover, I’d ordered them both, in two sizes to small! They fit, but they are, shall we say, snug. At least I can hide the evidence, in the pool, being so snug they are a tad unforgiving. I think I gave the poor guinea pig, a bit of a shock, when I strode past her cage, so clad.

Concern about “what I look like in a swimming costume” seems to raise itself, quite frequently, in my conversations with others. Sadly, some people are so worried, that it becomes a barrier, preventing them from swimming. There’s no easy answer, to this, but rarely do I take notice of what others look like. I appreciate, that it’s difficult for people to accept this, but it really doesn’t matter, people will judge, no matter what, if they view you negatively, that’s a reflection on them, not you. Swimming is fun, your time in the pool should not be spoilt, by the judgements and attitudes of others.

Then  tried on my pool shoes, again a significantly reduced bargain,  at £3.99, I am a bit doddery on my feet at the best of times and slippy pool sides can be a bit of a hazard. Thankfully they fit well and are comfy.

Finally my “pull boy” I obviously can’t try this out in the house, I’d just look like I’m walking, desperate for the toilet! The bath isn’t big enough, though I could give it a try, out in the street, given how much it’s rained today.

I am really starting to worry though, I think I’ve developed obsessive, swim equipment  buying disorder or something. I started out with a couple of costumes, goggles and a towel, I now own at least six costumes, two towels, three pairs of goggles-one was a Christmas gift and one pair appears to be leaking-swimming with water sloshing around in your goggles is very unpleasant, resulting in you squinting as you swim, a pull boy, kick board, pool shoes, flippers, snorkel and snorkel mask (never used) along with various anti-chlorine shampoos, swim spray, swim hats, and shower gels.

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