Searching for an adjective

I haven’t posted for a few days, my phone had a fight with a flower bed and lost, because my laptop takes an hour to boot-up, my mobile is my main means of writing and posting on my blog. I am posting this, from my tablet, not as portable, but at least it works within a few minutes of pressing the “on button”.

I have four or five posts “waiting in the wings as it were”, hopefully this weekend will see me catch up, because I won’t be swimming. It’s ten days before Sport relief “swimathon and what I sincerely hoped, wouldn’t happen, has. I’ve got a cold.

For most people, a cold is usually a relatively mild illness, you feel bunged up and often pretty grotty for a few days. Then you get over it. Unfortunately, for me, like many asthmatics a cold, is a trigger. Frequently, colds then develop into a chest infection, this, in turn, can result in a severe exacerbation.

At the present time, I’m only a bit snuffly, so I’m really hoping it transpires to be only a very mild cold. Irrespectively, my lungs are already quite grumpy and the
potential, for my asthma to deteriorate significantly, is there. My asthma, tends to be very unstable and quite brittle during an exacerbation, hence why my consultant has prescribed a “home nebuliser” and a “rescue pack”. It’s not just to save me from sitting in the walk in centre, for hours on end, with “In the Night Garden” playing repeatedly, the telly!

There are a number of words to describe how I fell right now, some sit at different ends of the spectrum; concern I won’t be well enough to take part, but hope that I might be, frustration, annoyed, fed up and so forth. I will be gutted, if I’m not well enough to take part. I’ve looked forward to this for weeks and worked so hard, to train and so many people have sponsored me.

I’m determined to complete it, if I am well enough, and it will be an even greater achievement. I cannot, however predict how my asthma will be, over the next few days. It may be a relatively mild exacerbation, which will mean a 5-7 day break from the pool and a loss of training or, on the other end of the spectrum, a real “humdinger” that prevents me swimming for several weeks and complete abandoment of my plan to take part in Sport relief swimathon.

The next 48 hours are crucial…all I can do I wait, and hope

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