OK….prednisolone it is!

The decision’s made, I have to go on to prednisolone. I am not acutely unwell, but I’m skating on thin ice.

My peak flows are all over the place, I’m yo-yoing between being very symptomatic and being asymptomatic, I’m under a lot of stress both personally and with work. In addition to this,  I’m tired.

I know my asthma, well, I know that a sustained period of instability can put me at risk of a severe attack, in response to the smallest trigger. In 2014, such a situation arose, I did nothing, for three weeks, not judging my PF to be ” not to be bad enough to warrant steroids’. I walked into walk, one Monday morning, I left an hour and half later, in an ambulance, blue-lighted to hospital.

Thankfully, my colleagues took the right action, they got me on a nebuliser, gave me pred and dialled 999.  The paramedic who cared for me, praised the swift action of my collegues, without which, I would of have been waving “bye bye” to planet earth within an hour!

It’s a tough call, it sits outside of the boundaries of my care plan, but I know it’s the right decision.

I am going to take each day, as it comes, I am still planning towards taking part in Swimathon on Friday. It’s just so, so frustrating. I’ve done everything I can, but I can not plan for my asthma.

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