Sport relief, six days to go…

Sssshhh, I don’t want my lungs to hear this, but they seem to have been only, relatively mildly affected by the latest infection. My airways are still irritated and my lungs, are still kicking out some pretty unpleasant stuff, first thing (sorry TMI), I’ve been close to starting my rescue pack, a couple of times, but touching every piece of wood near by, my asthma is beginning to recover.

So, after a week off, I need to start thinking about getting back in the pool, I know I will need to increase my dose of ventolin, before I get in the pool from 5 doses or “puffs” to 10, but I feel I’m ready. It’s difficult, though, it’s not an easy decision to make, I am so determined to complete sport relief, but I don’t want that determination to override the need to keep myself safe and well.

I have have had a further sponsor, today, my friend S sending my sponsorship to £140. I am so, so grateful to all those who have supported and sponsored me.

My plan for this week is to attend my swimming lesson tomorrow, that will help me ascertain my asthma’s ability to cope with the demands of that swimming places on my lungs. If that all goes well, I will have a one hour swim on Tuesday  and Wednesday,  followed by a “Chill out swim” on Thursday at Jesmond pool. A nice gentle swim, to prepare myself for the following day.

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