Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week, I’ve been on holiday.

To Clacton…

Clacton, UK in March is not a particularly warm place to be, so no outdoor swimming, but the the holiday village had an indoor pool, so swimming  was an activity option, that was taken.

What the holiday village didn’t have, was a reliable mobile internet. The mobile connection was at best, variable, slight movements of my phone, saw me go from a half decent connection, to absolutely no connection so I gave up on any plans of updating my blog.

I had a great holiday, throughly enjoyed myself. It was a much needed break.

I went on holiday with my friends Lucy and Peter Barrett, Peter very kindly agreed, with the permission of the lifeguards, to take some underwater photos of me, as I swam, which I will share on this blog on a future post.

I am heading home tonight, so I will update my blog, properly, over the Easter Weekend.

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