Ten days ago, I completed a course of prednisolone and anti-biotics, I inwardly celebrated as I seemed to have recovered from the infection pretty quickly and within ten days, all was back to a state of “normality for me”. Excellent.

Yesterday, I removed my swimming gear, from my suitcase, and chucked it in the car. I was planning on a swim after work.

Just after lunchtime, I noticed some slight breathless, unconcerned I had a couple of puffs of my inhaler and carried on with my day. An hour later, I suddenly became very breathless, uncomfortably so. Concerned, I considered having a nebuliser, but settled for 10 puffs of ventolin. It worked. I also noticed my throat felt “itchy”.

Deciding that, the most likely cause, was an allergic reaction, to the elevated pollen levels. Though they are not particularly high, everything is coming into bud and bloom, I headed to the pharmacy. I purchased some “over the counter” anti-histamines, obviously took one, then got on with my day, feeling much better. I decided to abandon the plan of going for a swim, deciding my asthma, was too unstable.

Last night, I had a rough night, needing my nebuliser in the early hours. This morning I have awoken, to a painful, sore throat and feeling breathless and wheezy. It’s now, quite evident, that something unwelcome,  has set up home and is busy growing. It’s too early to start my second course of prednisolone and anti-biotics, but I know it’s going to be the likely outcome. So is not being able to swim for at least two weeks. Frustrated doesn’t come close!

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