A little rant, about disabled parking…

This is a non swimming post, though it does have a tentative link…

The law, governing blue badges and disabled parking is changing, according to this report on the BBC website. What the new legislation doesn’t go as far as to allow the issue of blue badges to people who are too lazy to walk the extra few yards from their parking space, to where they going.

I am a blue badge holder, it’s not a right nor is it a privelige to have blue badge. I have one on account of the severe, unpredictable nature of my asthma and the fact that my mobility is restricted due to neuropathy/arthritis. I often face questioning looks, when I step out of my car and have been, challenged as why I am using a blue badge.

I get so, frustrated with witnessing people abusing disabled spaces, but I have learnt the hard way, not to challenge people. My local Asda, frequently has a line of cars, parked in its disabled bays, none of which are displaying a blue badge. The security guards are powerless to do anything, as it’s “private land”. Asda, did nothing too, when I emailed them, aside from sending me a “computer chuck out e mail”.

I have witnessed disabled bays, been abused at work-yet I have been fined, on two occasions after my badge had fell off my dash board as I shut the car door and despite, sending in a picture of my blue badge, have had my appeal turned down.

My local leisure centre and gym, where I swim, are both places, where I see disabled spaces frequently abused. Again “it’s on private land”, despite several e mails, I was sent from one company to the next, nothing was done. In frustration, one day, I left a note on a frequent offenders car “if you want my parking space, you can have my disability”.

Yes, the scheme needs to be extended, but the law also needs to be tightened up, the abuse of disabled parking spaces is common and wide spread, there are websites, Facebook sites and Twitter accounts dedicated to identifying offenders yet, little seems to be done about it the issue.

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