Poorly again…out of the pool again!

I came back from my holiday (I must post those photo’s, my friend Peter took, soon) The Wednesday, following, I experienced a period of “sudden onset breathlessness”, a clear indication that something is wrong, with my asthma.

Initially, I had blamed the warmer weather and possible increased pollen levels, but it was evident, by Saturday night, that I had a cold. My peak flow dipped considerably.

I really didn’t want to resort to prednisolone, aka “the evil smarties”, but by Tuesday, it was obvious, I had no other choice. This is now my sixth course in a year and my second in less than three weeks. It’s certainly giving my asthma nurse the collywobbles!

I’ll spare you the details of my cold and it’s symptoms, I am sure you know, as readers, how unpleasant they are. Now over, a week has passed and the worse of the symptoms have subsided,  but my chest remains rattly and congested. Therefore, I still can’t swim!

It’s so frustrating, I love swimming, it’s vital not just for my physical fitness, but also my mental well-being.

I have always, tried to keep active, despite my asthma. Exercise is a trigger for me, fortunately I’ve learnt to manage the resulting symptoms and use my “blue inhaler”, appropriately.

That said, however I know there are, times where my asthma is too unstable, I am still finding that balance. Over this past year I’ve lost a total of 14 weeks in the pool, due to my lungs and it’s so annoying.

My asthma, is as I’ve referred “severe and difficult”, I’m on max meds, the next step is regular pred. Not a prospect I welcome. I know that some people question, the genuineness of my asthma, due to how physically active, I try to keep. If that’s the case, I let them. It’s far from easy and it would be so easy to give in to my asthma, stop when I become breathless or become fearful of an attack, but carry on I will.

I will be back in the pool this week!

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