Today, my first day off prednisolone, my asthma is still a little grumpy and my peak flow “so-so”.

I have to get back in the pool soon, I need to, I am missing it. I need too be in the pool for my mental and physical well-being.

Plus there’s the slight issue of Sports Relief, Swimathon Mark II challenge! Yes, that’s right, I am planning on doing it all again, only this time 2.5km!

I had planned to complete this on the 21st April, the day we celebrate two very special girls, my nieces, birthday. I doubt that this will be possible now, as it’s a distance I am yet to successfully complete and I’ve been out the pool for three weeks. I did swim in the week, following swimathon challenge 1, but only short distances.

I am pretty fit now, thanks to swimming regularly, but it really is, going to be a massive challenge. Three weeks out of the pool, combined with a forced reduction in physical activity, means that fitness has been lost.

I need to come up with a training plan and stick to it, I also need to have a date set in mind, for the swim.

It’s not going to be easy, but I am determined  to do it, to find a way and then, proudly pass my medal on to, one of the most amazing ladies in my life nana.

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