Swim fit…

I am now, very much back in the pool, though obviously not right this minute as it’s 1.20am and I’m in bed. I was also asleep, that was, until Jeremy the guinea pig woke me up. I have no idea what he was up to, but it sounded, from the thumps and crashes coming from his cage, like he was weight training. Or trying to dig his way his way out, with a pick and shovel.

I decided, to sign up to “swim fit”, a swimming initiative that aims to set the swimmer a programme of 30 swims.

I thought that this would be a great idea,  as it would provide me with structure for my training sessions and a goal to work towards.

Thirty minutes later, I have identified only the fact that the “swim fit” website is rather unuser friendly. It appears fixated only on outdoor swims…swimming in the River Tyne, really isn’t my thing. It’s deep, cold and has strong,  scary currents and the North Sea is a tad too chilly too.

There are other challenges too, challenges that can be accomplished in the swimming pool. I have, however, made repeated attempts to sign up to these, but it won’t allow me to add them to my dash board and the links appear not to be working. 

It’s all rather frustrating, I shall attempt to return to sleep now, as Jezza, himself, appears to have gone back to bed.

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