A pain in the….

Last week, the weather was glorious, this week not so! Glorious sunshine amd warm weather, has been replaced by temperatures more commonly experienced in January, along with hail, snow and ice!

Many people with arthritis, will tell you the weather affects their joints. The research, claims otherwise, stating “there’s no conclusive proof”.

Irrespective of this, apparent lack of evidence, my arthritis kicks off, big style if a) it’s damp or b) the weather suddenly fluctuates from warm to cold. Both are currently relevant, consequently I ache and my joints are stiff. I feel like the tin man, from the Wizard of Oz!

On Sunday, when I went swimming, I experienced something, I’ve never  have before. When I was doing the over arm pull, in front crawl and as I  swept my arms round in breast stroke,  I experienced a considerable amount of pain in the base of my fingers on my right hand. I know I have arthritis, in this hand and I suspect this to be the culprit.

I debated whether to give up, stop swimming, but I’d decided to keep going. I found myself starting to guard against the pain, curling my hand up.

It’s a battle to keep going when the pain is bad, this is where psychology comes in. I try to focus on what I am doing, on something positive about my swim, the enjoyment of moving through the water.

I manage 600m, which I was pleased with, really pleased with. The following day, by the next morning, the flair up was in full swing and that night, I had a lesson. But that’s the subject for another post.

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