Sport relief swim, Mark ll…smashing targets, achieving challenges and a test of determination!

On Friday, 29th April, I headed to the pool to undertake my second “Sport relief challenge”.

I had, originally signed up for “swimathon”, with the aim of raising £100. I, quite quickly, doubled that. So I decided  to double my challenge. As you do!

Swimathon is an organised event, you turn up at a set pool, on a set day, at a set time. With “simply swim” you choose a date, from the middle of March to 30th April, a time that suits you and the most appropriate pool.

So, on the 29th April I went over to Blaydon Pool. As informed on my paper work, I went, literally cap in hand; carrying my swimming hat I informed the gentleman on reception of my intentions. His responce was “what’s that? Never heard of it”.

I changed and headed to the pool, I had a quick chat with the life guard on duty, fortunately he was a bit more clued up and knew what I was referring too. He advised, where in the pool would be the best place to swim as to avoid the “Aquafitters”. He then informed me, “it was a long way”, yes I knew and I felt slightly sick at the thought of swimming 100 lengths.

So off I went, breaking it down in to small chunks, 25 sets of 100 metres, only think about each 500 metre set, set little challenges, don’t think about the time. It was made even even more challenging, by the absence of being in a lane, I had to keep swerving to miss others and I had to contend with two children who kept leaping in the pool next to me, as I swam, which really tested my patience.

I started out with breaststroke, I’ll do 500m to warm up, now can I do 800m of breaststroke? yes I can. Can I manage 1000m? How about 1500m? At 1200m the pain started to kick in, can I work through the pain, distract myself? I focused on the sunlight, dappling through the water, the pounding music from the Aqua fit group. I made it to 1500m, can I do a mile of breaststroke? Yes, I made it, my first mile swimming a single stroke. One thousand, one hundred metres to go…

Time for some backstroke, rest the bits that ache, my swim watch got confused, I got confused. Three times it claimed I’d done two lengths, when I did only one (the time it claimed I’d swam the length in would of made me Olympic standard), another length, it clearly didn’t recognise me turn and push off the wall!

Nine hundred metres to go…feeling good, then I had a wobble. My energy levels dipped, I felt dizzy and struggled to focus. Thirty second rest, a drink, feeling better I’m off again. Determined. A couple of lengths front crawl, a bit more breaststroke. Feeling much better now, focused, the light outside is fading. Two thousand metres done.

Another couple of lengths backstroke, the flags strung across the ceiling a clear indicator of another length nearly finished. I’m happy with my swim, enjoying it. Two thousand one hundred, the ends in sight, I feel like there’s plenty in the tank, maybe I can get to 3km, my penultimate goal!

Two thousand, two hundred metres, I turn, another breaststroke length. Halfway up the pool, agony…cramp hits in the back of my right calf. I’m in trouble. I make my way to side of the pool, my right calf solid. I deal with it, I set off again, with a metre or two, the cramp hits again. I make it to the steps, frustration kicks in, my swim is over. I hit the pause button on my swim watch, but accidently save it. So near, yet so far. I’ll have to try again tomorrow.

The life gaurd comes over, she knows straight away what’s wrong, I express my frustration to her. “Rest” she says, “give it a few minutes, you can do it”. I believe her, I have to believe her. I stretch my leg out, I don’t want to get out the pool. The cramp eases, tentatively I set off again, no cramp. I’m off again.

Two hundred metres completed, my leg twinges a little, I keep going. One hundred metres to go. Time for front crawl 25, 50, 75, 100 metres….I’ve done it, I’ve swam 2500m, I’ve achieved my challenge. I smile and keep swimming.

I’ve never got much beyond 100 metres of front crawl, how far can I manage 100 metres, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 metres. I’m delighted with this, I’ve over doubled my PB front crawl distance, so many challenges achieved in one swim. Now for the big one 3km, by this point I’m exhausted, in my fuddled brain is realise I need to swim only another 100 metres to achieve this challenge. I push off from the wall, water rising either side of me, I can do it and I know I can. I have confidence, I trust my abilities. I achieve it.

I decide to keep going, just enjoy swimming, I’ve achieved so much tonight, now I just “want to swim”, I manage another 225m, I decide it’s time to get out. I’ve swam a total of 3.3km tonight, I’m exhausted, I’m wobbly, I’m sore, but I’m happy, exuberant. There’s no fanfare, no sense of occasion, but I’ve done it……and I’m happy.

My aim was to swim 2.5km in under two hours, I came home and uploaded my swims onto my computer, I then calculated my time from my two swims…one hour, fifty minutes ad 28 seconds. I’m as delighted with my time, as I am my achievements.

Now I need some new challenges…

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