Challenges, challenges…

This blog has got very neglected, recently! 

I am still swimming and loving it! Swimming has given me, so much, particularly as a “disabled person”. 

I decided, that the time has now come to draw to a close, lessons. When I started lessons, 18 months ago, I thought that a few weeks of lessons and away I’d go! 

I didn’t forsee the hard work involved, in learning to swim, the dedication needed and the many hours, in the pool, required! 

I have loved, most of it, but there have been struggles, mentally and physically. Times of real frustation. Would I do it again? Yes Any regrets? Leaving it so long.

I have achieved so much, I have the badges to prove it and I will always be indebted to SwimNE for their amazing support over the past 18 months. 

And so now, where next? Well it’s not Tokyo in 2020…but I need challenges, Swim fit or Masters, being one. I’ve already e mailed SwimNE to enquire whether this is something they offer. 

I also setting a personal challenge, swim a marathon in 5 weeks with a marathon in one week; the last week. Sound confusing? A marathon, on foot, is 26.2 metres, a swimming marathon is 10km.

So the plan is to swim 26.2km in one month and 10km, in a month. I started last Monday, so far I’ve managed 4 miles/6.5km. I’ve already recognised I need to be more disciplined and that cramming a huge swim in at the end of the week, is counter productive. I swam 3.5km on Friday and I’m still experiencing a lot of.pain in my right hip, which has kept me out the pool for the past two days. 

So four weeks and 22 miles to go…