Backwards in reverse!

I’m trying to start planning, my timetable for my my swim challenge. Yes it’s months away, but I feel I need some sort of plan so that I’m not getting to the middle of the month and panicking, because I’ve only done a quarter of my intended target. 

The final week of the challenge, coincides with Arthritis Care Week, the date for which isn’t yet confirmed, but this is the week I’m swimming 10km.

Based on last year’s date’s the plan is 

13th May 2km

14th May Rest day

15th May 2km

16th May 1.5km

17th May Rest day

18th May 2km

19th May Rest day

20th May Final day 2.5km

The real challenge lies though, where to swim ? 

My local public pool on a Saturday will be busy, I know from experience, how difficult it can be to swim a distance in busy pool, particularly when you have a young children, intent on bombing you as you swim! I would like to complete my final swim, at a date and place that allows others to support me, on the poolside.
I’m going to e mail a few pools nearer the time, in the hope that I’ll find ine that support me on the day, otherwise my supporters are going to be refereeing the pool! 

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