Tomorrow, is the day.

After four weeks of waiting, tomorrow is the day I finally plan, hope and intend to get back in the pool. 

I’ve missed swimming, it was particularly torturous when I had my dressing changed on a weekend. The primary care centre was next door to a swimming pool. A swimming pool separated by a glass wall, from its next door neighbour! I was like a kid at Christmas, staring longinly for what I wanted, but couldn’t have. I daren’t stare to long though, lest I get arrested or at least told off, for standing staring. 

So, like a child preparing for his first day back at school, I’m all prepared, my new goggles are packed in my new bag and my costumes and towel, drying. 

I know my fitness level, will be rubbish and I’ve gained weight, but I will, in time regain one and hopefully,  loose the other. The only annoying thing is, that no longer being in possession of my swimwatch, I will no longer be able to judge how efficently I’m swimming!

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