The in-betweeny bit 

Christmas is done and over, for another year. I had an amazing time, with my family, who live in the Midlands and we celebrated, not just Christmas, but making it to Christmas. 

This year, has been one of the most challenging ones, ever for my family, with several members having faced life threatening illnesses and personal tragedies. 

I returned home, on the 27th December and returned to work on the 28th. Feeling like the proverbial, post Christmas, beached whale that comes with having, ate too much and drank too much (though daily dog walking and running after four toddlers, burned some of the excess off). I needed to swim! 

On the 28th I made two, unfortunate discoveries…one I have mis-placed the charger for my new swimming watch! As it has a step counter, I tend to wear it all the time. A new charger has been ordered, but it’s stuck in the bottle neck that is the Christmas and New Year post. My watch is now switched off, to reserve battery for essential operations, like swimming. Consequently, the app on my phone thinks I’m doing absolutely b@@ @@er all and it keeps shouting at me to move! 

The other, was rather more frustrating than the first…I chucked my swimming back in my car, before work, excited about my evening swim.

I pulled up, outside the pool, to find the place in darkness. Realising that this was not some, sort of cost cutting on behalf of the council,  or setting a new “swimming in the dark” challenge I resorted to modern technology and Google. The pool was shut, after five, till 3rd January, when normal operations re-commence! 

Not to be thwarted by one shut pool, I frantically searched other pools, in the vacuity. I quickly discovered that three other pools: Washington, Haven Point and Jarrow, all closed their doors at 5pm. The situation, in Gateshead, was even more dire; their staff had left the building and gone home at four, at all four pools! 

What the…..

Now, living where I do, I’m surrounded by water…but the River Tyne is a bit grim and the North Sea, bloody cold, at this this time of year, so swimming was not happening! 


However, later that night, I had a brain wave…the Aquatic Centre in Sunderland. It’s far from my favourite pool, for a number of reasons, but it was a pool and as I quickly learnt, it was open till eight on Friday. 

So on Friday, I went to the Aquatic Centre, I returned to the place where my swimming journey began, where I had my first lesson eighteen months earlier…what a journey it’s been! 

Unfortunately, group lessons didn’t work out and I switched to Swim NE and another venue and then, only then did I really begin to learn to swim and my journey began. 

So here we are 2017 and I am looking forward to seeing where the journey will take me, this year.

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