2017…what now?

I’ve already posted about what some of my plans are, in terms of swimming this year, but looking even further on, into the future, what next?

I can now comfortably swim, 3km, so long as I train regularly and keep my fitness up, to a reasonable level. I am well aware, that at the current, 2.5km in one, continual swim, is hard going, this is due to huge gaps in my training, but I’m building back up to it. This is not helped, by sudden onset bouts of breathless, as a result of my asthma.

I’d love though, to really challenge myself…so I’ve decided to aim for a 5km. This is going to really push me, I need to improve my speed, to do this, I need to work on the finer points of my technique. 

I’ve decided though, not just to try for a 5K, but to try for a 5km at a special place and time. Sport relief 2018, at the London Aquatics Centre. This is rather tongue in cheek, bit while, I’ll never win an Olympic medal, but I can say that I achieved a medal at an Olympic venue! 

Also, there”s  added, rather cool factor, of being able to say, that I’ve swam in the same pool as Micheal Phelps, Becky Addlington, Missy Franklin, Hannah Miley and many other greats. You can’t say that about your local leisure centre!

It will take a disipline and a huge amount of hard work. I will also have to listen, very carefully to my body and be very aware of my limitations. If it becomes apparent, that my arthritis or asthma really can’t cope, with the challenges that I am placing on it, then I will switch to 2.5km. This will not be a failure, for me, but an achievement.

I will also have to consider my nutrition and they’ll be no late night drinking sessions, before my swim! Everything will have to be focused on swimming, in the days leading up.

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