Swimathon minus 4 weeks….

In less than four weeks time, my Swimathon challenge will be over, for 2018, then it’s on to training for the next one, the big one…5km at London Aquatic Centre in 2019.

Training has gone a bit of the rails, the “Beast from the East” struck, bringing with it lots of snow, ice and cold weather. It wasn’t the cold weather that prevented me from swimming, but rather the fact that leisure centres were shut for days. My car was also stuck in a snow drift! When The pools eventually re-opened, the water was freezing as the heating had been turned off or down, during their period of closure.

Life too, has generally been busy. I help at my local Guide and Brownie packs so that’s two evenings a week, taken up. Work too, has also been demanding. All this has contributed to a general feeling of lack of energy and “can’t be botherness”. I have however, continued my swim training, on a Saturday morning. This has been going well.

The main focus, this past term, has been the mastering of tumble turns. I had a head start on this, as I learnt how to tumble turn, during my 1:1 lessons. Confidence is main issue. Completing tumble turns, takes 2 to 3 seconds, but in those seconds, you have to get your distance, breathing and body position, correct. Much amusement has has ensued, as the four of us have each made some pretty hilarious errors. I’ve missed the wall, inhaled water and emerged spluttering and coughing. Thankfully, being a controlled environment, no serious injury has occurred.

It is also proving challenging, the fact that in training, I am swimming with those of different abilities. The pool is a 20m four lane pool, the lane I am assigned to is shared with three other swimmers, P, D and M. We get on well, but we are each of different abilities, speeds and attitudes to swim training. This can prove frustrating, at times, on occasions I have been unable to complete the main set, as I’ve found myself stuck behind another swimmer, or having to stop. I am not however, ready to move to a faster lane. I have discussed this with my coach and in response he has advised me, that he is going to give it some consideration over the Easter holidays.

Speaking of the Easter holidays, I plan to use this to my advantage. Having my evenings to myself, albeit temporarily, means I can fit a lot more training in. Over the Easter holiday period, I am planning to swim, at least 10km a week, this will mean at least four sessions in the pool. I know I am physically capable of it, I want to work on my freestyle technique, which I hope will be the main stroke I will swim, when completing my Swimathon Challenge.

Last night I swam 2600 metres, by means of a “ladder set”. A ladder set is essentially where you gradually increase and then decrease your distance, the ladder set I employed was six 50m, four 100m, two 200m and a 400m, then back down again. I really enjoyed it. I’m going to look for a more challenging ladder set, to complete as Swimathon gets even near.

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