48 hours to go

Swimathon weekend is nearly year….I’m very excited.

Now’s the time sort out your final perpetrations….training is done and on completion, you probably lobbed your kit bag, in a corner. Now’s the time to check it….putting on cold wet swimming gear, it not pleasant, in fact it’s pretty grim. Nor is it good to find your towel, wet and smelly or your costume green, furry and growing penicillin. If needed wash it and then repack it!

Irrespective of what your kit bag consists of, be it a Tesco carrier or a TYR swimming kit back, have a check check of the contents. Do you have everything you need? Most leisure centres sell costumes, goggle etc if you inadvertently get to the pool and think “oh crikes”. The day of Swimathon is not a good day, to try out some new kit, I made that error last year. I bought a new pair of goggles, to find they leaked.

Every swimmers kit is different, some consist of goggle, appropriate swim wear and a towel. Mine will contain, along these items the usual shower gel and shampoo, treat yourselves to a nice one, your are taking part in Swimathon. Swim spray, for getting rid of the chlorine smell, earol ear drops to reduce water trapping, in my ears. There’s nothing worse than that all to familiar sloshing feeling in my ears when I get out the pool. My inhalers and nebuliser will be also chucked in my bag.

Due to distances I’m swimming they’ll be every gels and protein bars, along with my water bottle and electrolyte drinks, dehydration can lead to cramp your legs.

Finally make your you know where your venue is and how your getting there. Have a trial drive if needed.

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