A few things about learning to swim

1.) Cost, cheaper does not mean better. It may even, end up costing you more in the long run.

My initial lessons where at the leisure centre, the cost just under  £5, Swim NE is £16. That £11 difference, means that I don’t have to share a lane with three other students, nor do I share a tutor, with three people of different abilities and teaching is very much centred me. I can not begin to stress how much difference it makes. Frequently, in my experience, the standard of teaching in “private swim schools” is also much higher.

2.) Learning to swim is not easy, watching Olympic swimmers, it can look simple. It takes hours of hard work, you need to be dedicated and practice outside of lessons too.

It’s taken hundreds hours of hard work, practice and support from my coach, to get where I am today.

3.) Be prepared for both highs and lows, there will be times of elation and a real sense of achievement, but also frustration and a feeling of “getting nowhere” keep persisting. You will get there.

I hit a brick wall in July 2015, it took me weeks to get through it. I could not get beyond 10m of front crawl, then quite unexpectedly, one day I found myself, at the other side of the pool. Having cracked it once, I never looked back.

4.) Be honest with your tutor and ensure you’re listened to. Your tutor should respect and listen to you.

5.) If you have long term health problems, explain this to your tutor, be aware of your limitations and make sure you prepare in advance. I take my inhaler, before I swim, ensure it and my nebuliser is by the pool and that I have pain relief to hand when I get out.

It may take a while for you to gain confidence, to trust your judgement and work out your limitations. It can be quite anxiety provoking, trying to do things,  which you are concerned your body might not cope with, find out your limitations in small steps.

Also be aware, that as you get fitter, you get stronger so don’t be afraid to re-visit something,  you may of found difficult a few months ago. In June 2015 butterfly proved to uncomfortable for me to complete it. I have re-visited it, recently. I can now, comfortably swim 100 metres butterfly