Swimming in figures…

My “big swim challenge won’t be taking place till April, next year, but even so it’s not too early to get the pencil and paper out, or in my case, the calculator  and work a few figures out.

A marathon is just over 26 miles or 42.195km, given the majority of the pools I will swim in will be 20 or 25m, I’ve rounded it up to 42.2km or 42200m. That’s 1688 lengths of a 25m pool, which equates to a lot of swimming.

I’m swimming this challenge in “silly hats” so I will change hat throughout my challenge, to mark my progress. Again, out come the calculator after trying different numbers I feel 8 works, 5275 metre’s,  per hat a change of hat after ever 211 lengths. However on the last week, I’m doing 10km, I think the hat will need changed more often, so I will, on the last week change the hat every 2500 metres. It was at this point, that my head began to hurt and I got really confused…so I’ve just decided to stick with 10 different swimming hats and change it, when ever I feel like it, before my brain implodes on itself and makes a right mess out the lounge wall! 


Swimming in silly hats…

OK, so I’m still awake, so I may as well write my next post…

Arthritis Care Gateshead is a charity that is  close to my heart, though I rarely attend meetings, owing to other commitments. It’s a place that’s given me so much: acceptance, cconfidence, friendship and the ability to manage my arthritis better. In short, they help pick me up, at my lowest point, when I was told I needed a walking stick, at 38. 

Now it’s time to give something back…

It’s a massive challenge that I’ve set myself: a marathon in a month, with a marathon in a month. 

Sound confusing…well let me explain!

A marathon, in running terms, is 26.2 miles, while a swimming marathon is 10km, so the plan is to swim 26.2 miles in a month, with 10km being swam in one week, which will take place during Arthritis Care Week in May 2017. It’s going to be a massive challenge!

The plan was to source a swimming hat, on which could be printed “Arthritis Care Gateshead” with my name printed on it, but it would seem that this only possible if ordering 500! So the idea is, to swim it in “silly swimming hats” the sillier the better. 

I’ve already sourced 3 and I’m on the hunt for more, I’m hoping I can get the branch involved in this and I’m really looking forward to the challenge.