Challenges and swimming badges

Swimming badges, the preserve of children’s swimming lessons! Or are they?

It’s a very individual thing, for adults, it’s a personal decision. I did once hear, on the Radio 2, during a segment called “homework sucks” as I drove home from work, of a gentleman who had e mailed, writing that he was learning to swim as an adult. He wanted to know if there where swimming badges for he could work for, as he regretted never achieving any as a child. The Amateur Swimming Association, do actually offer an “Adult Learn to swim pathway” for which you can be awarded certificates.

I, personally decided to work towards “my badges” not so, I can sew them on my costume and show them off to the world, reminiscent of school days, but for me, for my personal achievement as a goal to work towards, as a way of setting challenges for myself.

I’ve really enjoyed working my badges and I’ve felt a great sense of accomplishment and achievement. My aim was to gain my ASA stage 5, 6 and 7 and all my distance badges up to 1 mile. My aim was to achieve, them all in a year. I managed it in 9 months.

I look at my badges, as I prepare to attach them to my towel, not only is there a great sense of achievement attached to them, but all a great deal of memories.